Analytics for Social Media Marketing

Analytics for social media

You’re spending a lot of time promoting your business on social media, but is it working? How do you know when you’re marketing it successful? One way of knowing the success of marketing, is of course, increased business. But how do you know if this increased business was related to your marketing and not some other factor? Read on for ways to identify the effectiveness and interpret the analytics for social media marketing online and off.


Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer impressive analytics information. This analytics information will let you know how your marketing is performing online, but unfortunately can’t tell you much about how this marketing converts to customers or sales. These analytics are essentially data points that help to tell you how successful your posts are, who is following you, and how far your content reaches. Many social networks offer some form of analytics. Here’s an overview of the biggest two.

Facebook Insights

Facebook calls their analytics offering Insights. Insights are only available if you have a Facebook page, not just a profile. Once on your Facebook page, choose Insights on the top navigation. In the overview of Insights, you can see how your page likes are increasing, your reach of posts (how many people are seeing your posts), and engagement (how many people are engaging with your posts in some way.) To dig deeper into your analytics, scroll down below this information to see how each individual post you created performed. If you want to find out the best time to post, visit the “Posts” tab to see when your fans are online. To learn more about the people who like your page, choose “People” to see demographics of your fans. Facebook offers lots of details about your page, so click around and see what other information might be useful to you. You can also choose to export this information into an spreadsheet to really dig into the numbers.

Twitter Analytics

To see your Twitter Analytics, make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account and navigate to You should see the stats for your Twitter account in front of you, if not, click “Login” in the top right hand input your account information. To get a general idea of how your account is performing, navigate to “Home” at the top navigation. Under the home section you will see your top tweet, top mention, top follower and top media tweet of the past month. This information will let you know which tweets are most popular and farthest reaching. To dig deeper into tweet performance, you can navigate to “Tweets” in the top navigation. Here you will see a breakdown of how each of you tweets performed, throughout different time periods. Want to know more about who your followers are? Click on “Followers” to see a demographics and interests breakdowns of the people following you. Check on this information at least monthly to see how you should adjust your marketing strategy. Want to know in the moment how a tweet performed? Go to the tweet in your stream and click on the graph icon to the right of the star symbol. Information on your tweet will appear in real time. Like Facebook, Twitter also lets you export your analytics by choosing “Export” in the right hand corner. This gives you a spreadsheet of all your tweets over a periods of time and tons of information and data on them.


The above information lets you know how your marketing is going on social media, but how do you know how it’s affecting your business in person or at your online store? Ask. Simply ask people how they heard about your company. You can accomplish this with a survey sent to customers after they purchase through your online store or with a simple contact form on your website. Have a brick and mortar store? Ask people at checkout how they heard about you. This information will help you decide if your marketing is effective at generating interest, business or both.


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How to Choose the Right Social Network for Marketing

How to Choose the Right Social Network for Marketing


Using social media for marketing is a smart choice. Social media is free, ubiquitous and reaches many people at once. However, with what seems like a new social network popping up each and every day, how do you know which networks are worth marketing on and which are a waste of time? Read on for some helpful criteria when considering how to choose the right social network for marketing based on your needs.


Before you find out the demographics of the audience of a social network, you first need to think about the demographics of the people you are selling to. Are your potential customers teenagers? Young professionals? Or maybe retirees? You can find out by doing a quick survey of who you are already doing business with–no need to ask, just go with what information you already know–or by identifying who the ideal person is for your product.

Now that you have that information, check it against the demographics for specific social networks. Some searches online can identify that Twitter tends to have a younger demographic than Facebook, whereas LinkedIn is for more business-minded people. You can find case studies and information of the demographics of many social networks online, but also remember there are exceptions to the rule and some audiences aren’t what you think. Increasingly across many social networks, the fastest growing user population is baby boomers, not the first group you might think of when it comes to social media. In short, identify your customer base and then find the social network that matches up with them.


Different social networks rely on media in different ways. Facebook posts are easy to skip over when there’s no image, Twitter posts can go far with just text and Instagram posts rely on image only. Consider what media you have to share when choosing a network. If you have lots of imagery, consider Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t have images or don’t have the time to find them, Twitter may be a better fit. Love marketing with video? Sounds like YouTube may be the best place for you.


How much time do you have for social media marketing and how frequently can you post? Consider this before you a choose a network. Twitter streams and updates move so fast that if someone visits your profile and sees you haven’t tweeted in a week, they may think you’re not using your account very much and are unresponsive. However, weekly posts on Facebook may be just the right amount. YouTube is a great network if you can only post monthly, because a high quality video monthly is better than a poorly edited one more frequently. Also networks with the ability subscribe to channels, like YouTube, put less pressure to update frequently. With subscription, no matter how often you update, your followers will be notified.


Social networks like Instagram and YouTube can require some special skills, like video editing and photography. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are open to a variety of skill levels and allow for easy access. Consider what skills you have and what you might need to be successful on a network before joining. Once you make a presence on a network and have a following, you want to keep your content consistent and of quality, so make sure you choose the right network(s) for you audience, media, time and skill level.


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Why Investing in Domains is Important Right Now

Investing in Domains

People have been making money purchasing and selling domains since the early days of the internet. Many people thought domain sales hit their peak with blockbuster sales like,, and in the 2000s, but that’s not true. While many .coms that commanded wild pricing are now off the table, internet domains are opening up like never before and allowing people to invest at any level. Average people can now join in and invest in a world they were once priced out of. Read on to learn why investing in domains right now is more important than ever.


As you may have heard, TLDs are changing the domain world. In the past, domains that could be purchased were limited to popular registrars like .com, .net, and .org. This made some domains in short supply and crowded a lot of people out of the domain world due to sky high prices for domains with these endings. But starting in 2008, ICANN, the governing body for domain names, began working to make more generic TLDs available. This meant TLDs that were once limited to your website address could now be part of the domain. Since these TLDs have started rolling out, the domain industry has changed for the better. The availability of these domains allows for unique branding opportunities and a chance for people to secure domains that they wouldn’t have been able to afford as .coms. Endings like .legal, .chat and .money can help you build and diversify a portfolio like never before, at prices that many can afford.

Unique Branding Opportunity

With the help of the internet, you can find out lots of information on many people, including yourself. Because so much of our lives are on the internet these days, it’s important to take ownership of your own personal brand and identity before others do. While social networks can be an easy way to do this, those networks own your information and it can quickly become out of your control. That’s why your personal domain is the best bet to manage who you are, online. Consider a TLD like .digital or .marketing to build your profile at. This can include your resume or CV and anything you would like to share. Showcase your online persona to others to share how they can take back the internet and control what kind of information people find out about them. When you are able to use your first and last name in your actual domain, thats powerful SEO. That insures that the first results that come up about you are your website and something you want people to see.

The Internet of Everything

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “The Internet of Everything?” This refers to our constant connectivity in many places, from our watches to our phones, people are always connected to the internet. This is good news for anyone interested in buying and selling domains. As the internet plays a bigger role in our lives, more and more people are using it each day. This means more people are in need of a website to build their brand or more people comfortable with the internet and looking to start investing in something like domains. Take advantage of the fact that the internet is everywhere and grow your domain portfolio to share it with new people.


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3 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Should Be Using LinkedIn

linkedin affiliate networking


There are currently over 350 million users and over 1 billion searches per day being performed on the LinkedIn platform. If you haven’t signed up and taken the time to create a profile yet, you are missing out on immense business networking benefits. Contrary to what people may think about the platform, it behooves both B2B and B2C business to jump on board. At first thought, affiliate marketers may wonder how using LinkedIn could augment their business practices. Well, there are a number of ways. The following are the top 3:

1. Networking Benefits

Every affiliate marketer should know that the core of their business success is hinged on their ability to build their network and sell their product. LinkedIn provides a robust platform of users that are on the site specifically for business networking. Whether a user is looking to promote their business, promote their personal business goals, or search for potential employees, the user’s mindset is business-focused while on the platform.

Affiliate marketers of B2C products can do especially well on LinkedIn. For example, if the products you are selling as an affiliate are wholesale domains, you could center your entire profile on this subject. By introducing consistent keywords throughout every section of your profile and your “Skills and Endorsements” section, you will appear in search for those searching “domains,” “internet,” “websites,” etc.

Affiliate marketers in any subject category can seek out and connect with user they think might be interested in their product, or making money at home as an affiliate marketer themselves. Use LinkedIn to locate potential leads based on keywords, location, skill sets, and more!

2. Affiliate Marketing Groups

New and seasoned affiliate marketers can always be learning new ways to succeed in this ever changing affiliate marketing landscape. Affiliate marketing based discussion groups on LinkedIn are one of the most effective ways to continue learning new techniques to better your craft.

Many affiliate marketing and sales/marketing professionals groups have thousands of daily active members and an ongoing stream of useful content and discussions. Not only can you, as an affiliate marketer, use these groups to ask questions and learn, you can also use them to promote your own content and find more leads that are very clearly interested in affiliate marketing to add to your network.

3. Publishing Platform

We have mentioned the importance of blogging, creating content, and content marketing time and time again on our blog. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is an awesome place to create and publish your blog posts, with the intent of promoting it to a business audience. Of course, you can still post your content on any other platform.

LinkedIn’s blogging platform has quickly become one of the most searched and read content stream on the Internet, mostly because of the reliable sources creating this content. LinkedIn writers create content regarding everything from business, finance, and current events, all the way to consumer products, reviews, and more. Not taking advantage of this amazing platform and built in audience of potential leads would be absolutely absurd for an affiliate marketer looking to increase their network.

The reasons mentioned above are just a few of the benefits an affiliate marketer, or any other business person looking to network and promote their business, will see from becoming active on LinkedIn. As with anything, developing a following and truly building up your presence takes time and effort on your part. Make sure you spend time making sure your profile is impressive and that you participate in group discussions, not just self promote.

If you go to the effort of providing valuable and creating meaningful business relationships on the LinkedIn platform, you are bound to increase your business success.


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February BountyFest – Double up on Discounted Referrals

affiliate marketing income


If you’re a Domain Cost Club member you’ve probably received your email for our February Bonus Contest, but we also wanted to share this opportunity with anyone purchasing a DCC Membership in February or currently on the fence about joining Domain Cost Club.

What is the short explanation of this promotion?

For one month only we’re reducing the cost of Club Membership to just $79 AND we’re doubling the bounty paid for referrals.

What is the long explanation?

From February 1, 2015 at 12:01am PST to February 28, 2015 at 11:59pm PST, any active affiliate who successfully refers at least four new, paid, $79 Club Members to DCC will receive a double bounty ($40 instead of $20) for each qualified referral. During this period of time, the cost for purchasing the initial year of Club Membership has been discounted from $99 to $79.

Do I get double bounty for referring a new Charter Member as well?

No. This promotion is only for doubling the bounty of new Club Member referrals.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to the number of double bounties that you can earn! As long as you refer at least 4 new Club Members for the month of February, we will award double bounties for your entire month’s worth of Club Member referrals. Take a look at the following chart for some examples:


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.56.37 AM


When will I get paid for my double bounties?

All double bounties will be paid with your normal commission at the close of February. So, if you’re a Charter Member, that will be by March 15. For everyone else, that will be by April 1.

Can my new signups in February 2015 participate in this bonus?

YES. If you refer a paid DCC member in February, they are eligible for this bonus as soon as they refer 4 paid $79 Club members.

To share information on this promotion, send your prospects to

Be sure to replace “USERNAME” with your DCC account username.

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7 Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

increase affiliate marketing sales

Online affiliate marketing can be an incredible way to make money while working from home, simply by building and utilizing your network. However, affiliate marketing requires research, focus and commitment in order to be truly successful.

The following tips will help you hone your affiliate networking craft and starting making sales and earning income more quickly!

1. Build Relationships

Relationships are key to affiliate marketing. Constantly networking, having conversations, and finding ways to help others will be extremely beneficial to you. The more contacts you have, the better. No matter where you are, there is always time to meet someone new, strike up a conversation and build a new contact. Even if the person is not interested in your product, perhaps they know someone that is.

2. Solve a Problem

Is the product you’re selling useful? Does it actually help the customer in some way? Does it save them money or help them in their daily life? Affiliate marketers for Domain Cost Club can use the discounted prices of domains and enormous variety of new TLDs (or Top Level Domains) as one of their top selling points for the product. Purchasing domains from Domain Cost Club will save the customer money. Period.

3. Use Quality Content

Make sure anything you post on website, blog, social media, etc. is quality and can stand the test of time. Don’t post or write about things that don’t matter or will be outdated within a few months. This tip is especially important if you are an affiliate marketer for multiple products. Make sure you are conveying the most important, useful information regarding your products or that you are providing information helpful to your audience.

4. Use the Product

As an affiliate marketer, it’s easy to get a bad rap in the online world – simply by the nature of the business. Make sure you have actually tried and like the product you are selling. People can easily see through a disingenuous sales pitch and will not buy from someone who they don’t trust.

5. Be Honest

Transparency is key in gaining the trust of potential customers. Make sure you mention that you are an affiliate marketer of the product, and give details about how that actually works. Make sure your audience knows that you have indeed used the product, and that you would never endorse something you wouldn’t use yourself.

6. Set Specific Goals

Beginning an affiliate marketing journey without actually sitting down and writing out tangible goals will get you no where. It’s too easy to avoid hitting vague goals or let yourself off the hook if you don’t have real numbers written down. Talk with peers to evaluate realistic, yet challenging goals. Then create a road map to hitting them. You will accomplish more by knowing what it is you have set out to do from the beginning.

7. Be Patient

As mentioned above, success with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen over night. Extensive research regarding the product you are selling is essential. You need to be an authority figure on the subject. Not to mention the long process of building up your network, gaining their trust, and actually closing a deal. However, if you commit to following through, you will no doubt reap the rewards!

Implementing these tips into your daily affiliate marketing routine is sure to help you close more sales and achieve your goals. Make sure you build upon these guidelines each day to get the most out of your experience.

What did we miss? Do you have any top affiliate marketing tips to live by? Let us know in the comment section!


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Why You Should Use Infographics in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you a business owner or marketer? Do you want to drive engaged traffic to your website and encourage people to share your branded, unique content? Then you should be integrating Infographics into your content marketing strategy.

For those of you that don’t know what an Infographic is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is an image, or graphic, that is filled with information in order to educate an audience on a specific subject. Infographics are an easy way to drive home a point using images, statistics, facts and figures and allows the reader to understand your point within the time it takes to scroll the image.

Why are Infographics so successful for businesses?

Brand Awareness – Infographics are an amazingly effective way to create brand awareness, since your logo and links back to your blog or website will be included in your infographic! As people, and sometimes other businesses, continue to share your content, the more people will see who created it and your brand name and logo.

Brand/Product Promotion – Promoting your infographic multiple times on various platforms is a great way to promote either your brand or a specific product or service (depending on how you create your infographic). You can center the information you put in the infographic around general facts that support the use of your product.

Easy to Educate – Some brands, products, or services take some education and explanation in order to close a sale with a potential customer. For example, Domain Cost Club’s affiliate marketing program is easy to understand, but requires some education as to how affiliate marketing works, how to get involved, and how the payouts are structured to affiliates. An infographic explaining the generally used practices of affiliate marketing would be a great way to explain the benefits to the target audience!

Potential to Become Viral – If your content is eye-catching, relevant, and easily understood, then you can be sure that people are going to share on their social media accounts! Visual content is always shared more than written content, so if you take enough time to make a valuable infographic, many people will promote it for you.

Cost Effective – Infographics are actually fairly easy to learn how to create on your own, if you don’t have a graphic designer on hand, or if you have an extremely limited budget. Websites like Piktochart make creating an infographic super easy for beginners!

What elements make a successful Infographic?Why you should use infographics

Eye-Catching – If someone is quickly scrolling through their social feed, will the top your infographic make them stop and click? Make sure it’s appealing visually, and that the color scheme and images all work together.

Easy to Understand – Don’t include a bunch of facts and figures that the average person won’t be able to digest or relate to. Break it down and make it easily “skimmable”.

Relevant – Make sure it’s a subject that people are curious about, don’t fully understand, and relates to and supports your business goals specifically.

Useful – Include facts that people may not know, and actually care about. Use facts that allow people to take action in some way.

Shareable – Display your content in a compelling an interesting way. Use headlines and images that get your point across in the most easily understood way possible, so that some people could be encouraged to share your infographic without even reading it in depth!

How can Infographics help me as a Domain Cost Club Affiliate?

If you are already a member of Domain Cost Club, and wondering how you can use infographics to help you increase your business, the answer is simple! There are tons of people looking to make legitimate money online, working from home just like you, but have no idea how to do it! Creating an infographic about the benefits of affiliate marketing, and/or Domain Cost Club specifically is a simple way to make people understand how to use the program and how effective it can be at creating an entirely new income stream, if done effectively. Think about our affiliate explanation video, made into an infographic! There are plenty of creative ways to get the point across!




13 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name That Increases Traffic

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important steps to ensuring your business’ online success. Your domain name matters immensely for branding purposes, direct traffic to your site, referral traffic to your site, and many more reasons! If you are just about to launch a new website for a business, or even for a personal blog, read on to find out how to pick the perfect name.

1. Make Sure the Domain is Consistent with Your Brand

The first decision you will have to make is if you are simply choosing your already existing brand name as the domain. Plain and simple – (i.e.,, etc.) Or, are you going to choose a more creative domain that incorporates some keywords with the brand name – i.e. instead of just Either way, make sure that your domain accurately represents your brand, what you are selling, or what your business consists of.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Consumers are bombarded enough as it is with brand names, keywords, and marketing info. Make it as easy as possible for them to remember and type in your domain name. The shorter, and catchier you can make it – the better.

3. Make it Catchy

Have a marketers mind – stand out from the crowd. You know those songs or jingles you just can’t get out of your head? Or those infomercials that you know every word to? That’s how you want to think. There are so many domain names out there, in the same industry, try to be different. For example, there are millions of ecommerce women’s clothing websites out there:,, (what do they all really mean?). The one that sticks out in your mind because it’s so out there? – that domain will make people wonder and click

4. Use Keywords if Possible

Making your domain name SEO friendly will have huge advantages for your site traffic. While keeping it as short and easy to remember as possible, including a keyword with your brand could help drive organic search traffic to you. For example, if you are selling eco-friendly pool cleaning products, you might want to choose something like “” or “”. This way, you will be returned high in the results for someone searching “green pool supplies”, etc.

New gTLD5. Choose the Right Domain Extension

Get a TLD extension that suits your idea for the domain, it’s no longer necessary to pick your TLD from a few generic extensions – (like .COM or .NET) For example, let’s say you’re a local coffee shop looking to increase organic search traffic on Google. Choosing a name like “SeattleBrewCoffee.Shop” is likely to be much less competitive, capture more local searches, and increase the visibility of your site. New TLDs are growing and being added everyday. There is a large advantage to being a first mover on an enormous up and coming trend like unique domain extensions (i.e. .CITY, .CASH, .CLUB, . HEALTHCARE). You can even find registrars that sell new TLDs for lower prices than anywhere else, like Domain Cost Club.

6. Be Creative

Sometimes the domain name you want just isn’t available – get creative and choose something even better! Your favorite domain name being taken may actually give you a reason to think outside the box and choose a name that sounds even better and stands out from the rest.

7. Make it intuitive

Make your domain easy to type – don’t use purposeful misspellings. This info is also useful for choosing your brand name in general. Many people think it’s clever to purposefully misspell a word similar to their brand name in order to be unique, but this can sometimes confuse consumers, and make it difficult to remember. For example, go for “” over “” – who knows if there is already a Pizza shop that spells it correctly and receives some of your traffic!

8. Don’t Choose a Name Too Close to Someone Else’s

Taking the time to research and make sure that your name isn’t one letter off from a competitor is going to do you a lot of good in the future. Making sure your domain name is original enough to not be confused with another brand or company will not only increase legitimate traffic to your site, but may also help you avoid any legal issues.

9. Don’t Use Random Characters

Using things like dashes or hyphens can get tricky. Generally, someone is not going to take the time to remember where a character other than a letter goes within your web address. Make it easier on them and just leave it out – EVEN if your first choice of domain names was taken, and this is the only way to get it. Refer to #6.

10. Purchase Multiple Domains for the Same Brand

Don’t let someone infringe upon the brand you’ve created for yourself by creating a very similar domain name with a different extension or misspelling. Buy all domains associated with your account to prevent any confusion and/or fraud.

11. Try Rhyming or Alliteration

This might help you take care of some of the tips above. Rhyming or alliteration makes the human mind remember more easily, and makes a brand name catchier. For example, doesn’t or have a nice ring to them for a website that sells dance clothing and costumes?

12. Take Timing into Consideration

Search for some domains/terms and then take a break for a bit. Performing multiple searches spread out over a day or two might help to generate ideas instead of sitting down and attempting to search for and purchase all at once. Keep in mind though, if you find a great domain it may not be available the next time your search for it.

13. Don’t Forget About a Blog!

Blogs and content marketing are one of the best tactics out there right now to drive traffic to your website, and nurture leads into making a purchase. Sharing of useful information through blog posts is the best way to gain a potential customer’s and move them down the sales funnel. Once you find the best domain name, make sure you purchase a blog at your domain to go along with it!   The perfect domain name goes hand in hand with making your website easier to find, and increasing traffic. In conjunction with a well-written blog of the same domain, you give yourself and your business the best chance at being a successful online brand. Be sure to buy your domain at so you’re able to get at-cost pricing on the registration and future renewals. You don’t want to have to worry about high priced renewals next year when your successful site is up and running!


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Content Marketing: What Is It and How Can It Help You Succeed?

In the modern age, everyone has access to unlimited information. Anything you want to know can most likely be searched for and found online. There are many ways to distribute this subject-specific information, including infographics, videos, podcasts, and blog posts. However, the million-dollar question is: how you can use these different channels to spread information and succeed at the same time?

The Essence Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the business process of creating and distributing relevant and useful content based on a specific subject in order to attract and engage your target audience. The subject matter of your content should always relate back to your brand, product, or service. For example, if your business builds swimming pools, you might write a blog post or create a video explaining to your potential customers how to best keep their pool clean, the differences between salt water or chlorine, or even how to build their own in ground swimming pool following your guidance!

The essence of content marketing is all about providing value. The more value you provide to a potential customer by informing them on topics related to your niche, the more trust you will build. In turn, the more trust you build; the more likely they are to buy from you.Content marketing targeting

How Can YOU Prosper With Content Marketing as a DCC Affiliate?

Although there are plenty of people who already know what domains they want to own, many people are not aware of the intricacies and value of choosing the right domain, or the hundreds of new top-level domain extensions that are becoming available. However, providing them detailed information in the form of a blog post or infographic can educate them on the importance, and urge them to make a purchase.

If you’re an affiliate for Domain Cost Club experiencing success with the program, you may want to create a podcast that shares your story and gives advice to those struggling aimed at individuals looking to earn a second form of income! Educating your audience on the potential of the program, how to overcome obstacles, and tangible statistics on your success could entice a prospect that is on the fence about joining.

Use content marketing to your advantage by educating your customer with valuable information, building trust by providing value, and closing the deal. For more information, check out Domain Cost Club and start on your path to success.



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DCC $400,000 Launch Bonus Challenge

If you attended the webinar on Tuesday night are aware of the $400,000 Launch Bonus Challenge we announced. If you haven’t heard yet, we have some exciting news! Here’s a rundown of the details for everyone.

Now open to ALL Members, Charter AND Club!

Due to overwhelming popularity since I announced it, the Launch Bonus Challenge is being made available to all Charter and Club Members. You no longer have to be a Charter Member in order to participate!

How much can I earn?

The first 20 Members to complete the Launch Bonus Challenge will earn $10,000 each with the opportunity to double that amount for a total of $20,000 each.

How long do I have to complete the Launch Bonus Challenge?

The $400,000 Launch Bonus Challenge will run from now until December 31, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM PST or whenever the 20th Member achieves their 500th qualifying referral, whichever comes first.

What do I have to do?

Directly refer 500 new DCC customers who purchase a Membership before the Launch Bonus Challenge ends.

Do the signups I already referred count towards the Launch Bonus Challenge?

Yes! All your DCC direct referrals for new customers with active Memberships since we launched will count.

Which signups count towards the Launch Bonus Challenge?

All new DCC customers you refer who purchase either a $499 lifetime Charter Membership or a $99 annual Club Membership this year will count.

Will anything not count?

Cancelled Memberships, multiple accounts for the same person or entity, and fraudulent accounts.

What about commission and bounties?

They will not be affected by the Launch Bonus Challenge. All winning amounts will be paid in addition to your normal commission and bounties.

Meet me in person for a live check signing

The first 10 Members to complete the Launch Bonus Challenge will receive a $10,000 check from me. I will visit anywhere in the United States to meet with you and sign your $10,000 check in person. You’re welcome to record the signing for use in your future promotional efforts! International Members who earn one of the first 10 bonuses can meet me anywhere in the United States for a personal visit, too.

The next 10 Members to complete the Launch Bonus Challenge will receive a $10,000 check from me, but without the personal visit and signing.

Let me DOUBLE that bonus for you!

As an added incentive, all 20 Launch Bonus Challenge winners have an exclusive opportunity to have their $10,000 turned into $20,000. Throughout the month of January, we will audit all qualifying referrals for the winners. For each winner, if at least 500 qualifying referrals who signed up in 2014 remain in good standing as of January 31, 2015, I will authorize another $10,000 to be wired to that winner in February.

Nothing will make me happier than to pay out the full $400,000 we’re allocating for this challenge. I want to pay it all out! Will you be able to do it? I believe you can.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Alan Ezeir
President and Co-Founder
Domain Cost Club (DCC)


Listen to the audio recording of the webinar HERE!

Domain Cost Club