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Learn More About These New gTLDs: .BIZ and .SITE

new gTLDs

gTLDs can get pretty specific, with domains for everything from .lol to .coffee. But for some people, the right choice is a domain extension that can be applied to many different subject matters of businesses. Two good choices for those people are .BIZ and .SITE. Read on to learn more about these two affordable and versatile new gTLDs.


Why it’s popular:.BIZ is old in the world of gTLDs, it’s been around since 2000! Being more established than other TLDs, .BIZ is easy to remember and visitors are used to seeing it at the end of the URL bar. Biz, of course, is shorthand for business and many websites are a business or want to get that information across to their customers. .BIZ allows you to brand your website as a business without having a long gTLD. Being shorthand, .BIZ also makes a website business seem more approachable and fun.

Who should buy it: Anyone who is using their website for their business. Think of .BIZ as another TLD like .com, only with much better availability. .BIZ is universal for telling visitors they are headed to a business website before the website even loads. This can inform visitors of what type of content to expect and what services will be provided. Are you a solely online business? .BIZ is a great choice for you as it informs potential customers that your website is the best place to do business with you.

Pricing: .BIZ gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $20.00 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to $8.63 with renewal at the same price. It’s a smart investment for an established gTLD.


Why it’s popular: .SITE is a great domain choice for absolutely any site! It is an easy to remember gTLD and won’t distract or take away from your domain. Users can even work to personalize the gTLD by using domain addresses like for Tommy’s site. .SITE is also versatile, it can be easily applied to a business site or one used for fun, networking, or any personal use.

Who should buy it: Anyone who might be afraid of committing to a very specific gTLD. .SITE allows you to turn your website into whatever you want and to transform it without having to worry about purchasing a new domain. If you’re unsure of how you might use your website, or see it changing in the future, .SITE is a smart choice for you. Anyone who wants to expand the reach of their business should buy and use this domain. .SITE is also a great gTLD to have in your portfolio. People can benefit from the versatility of the gTLD in the same way you can, so its an easy sell!

Pricing: .SITE gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $28.00 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to just $5. Build your website or your portfolio with this affordable gTLD today!
Check back at this blog to learn more about the many other gTLDs offered through DCC.


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New TLDs

New TLDs for October

New TLDs

One exciting aspect of gTLDs is that new ones become available each month. If you’re waiting for just the right gTLD, check the DCC website for upcoming releases and their pricing. gTLDs like .dog, .movie, and .mba are all released in August, appealing to different groups of domainers and website builders. Read on to get to know some of the most versatile new TLDs for October and how you can use them!


How You Can Use It: .ONLINE is a great gTLD to debut a brick and mortar business on the internet. How so? Maybe you a own a very popular local restaurant, but have put off getting  website because you do quite well on word of mouth and are afraid long time customers may not be interested. A smart way to transfer your real life popularity to the internet is to add .ONLINE to the end of your new website. Everyone in town loves Edna’s Restaurant, and now that you finally have a website, is easy to remember and tells visiors that this is your home online, but they can still find you at your brick and mortar location.

For Your Portfolio: .ONLINE is versatile and can be used for nearly any business. It’s a smart portfolio buy because businesses from many different areas and types of services can use it. It also allows people to brand their online identity. Think Perfect for business or personal use!

Outlook: Thanks to its versatility, there is expectation that .ONLINE will be a very valuable and popular gTLD.

Pricing: .ONLINE is available for purchase for $48.00 through DCC, but for members that price drops to just $15.00


How You Can Use It: Short for “For Your Information” .FYI seems like a great domain to learn more about a business, industry, or a person. .FYI sites make sense for those with a lot of content and information to share. It’s a great gTLD to use to brand yourself as an expert in an industry, think to share your social media expertise. The three letter gTLD is easy to remember and with the right domain name, can make for a very short website address.

For Your Portfolio: FYI is a unique domain to include in your portfolio, it’s less specific than domains like .coffee or .delivery, but provides more information to a website visitor than .site or .com. Keep it in your portfolio for the right buyer.

Outlook: As more people use the internet to verify businesses and information, .FYI domains could be a powerful gTLD to share this information.

Pricing: .FYI is available for purchases for $28.00 through DCC, if you’re a DCC member, that price goes down to $13.00.


How You Can Use It: Game creation and development is easier than ever thanks to online tools. Potential buyers can use .GAME to host their game on a site or create a website for fans of games like Minecraft and Second Life to share insights, strategies, and stories about their favorite game.

For Your Portfolio: .GAME is a good choice if you are building a large portfolio or have a network of people with an interest in gaming. It’s a more specific gTLD, so only certain customers mays be interested in it.

Outlook: Large corporations like Google and Amazon showed an early interest in .GAMES, so its future remains to be seen, but it could be very bright!

Pricing: .GAME is available for $44.00 retail and just $23.00 for DCC members.


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New TLDs

Learn More About .CLUB and .GLOBAL Domains


With so many new gTLDs to choose from, it can be difficult to know which domains are right for you and your business, product, or service. Here, we discuss two popular TLDs, the .CLUB and .GLOBAL domains, and how they can work for you.


Why it’s popular: .CLUB is a relatively new gTLD but is already becoming very popular. Companies and users seem to like the opportunities available by branding themselves with .CLUB and this early frenzy is driving others to join the…club. Think,, or to name a few. The name lends itself to a website of business that people want to connect with. Because of its popularity, .CLUB has even has some record-breaking sale prices like those seen in the .com era. It’s clearly a hot gTLD, but is it for you?

Who should buy it: Despite its popularity, .CLUB websites are still quite affordable. The obvious customers for .CLUB would be anyone who owns or runs a club. These can be actual businesses like a brick and mortar club in your city, or things like a book club or swim club. Clubs of all types often need a website to connect with and unite members, so this is a good gTLD to have in your portfolio, even if you don’t plan to use it yourself.

Pricing: .CLUB gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $18 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to $8.05. It’s a smart investment for one of the most popular new gTLDs.



Why it’s popular: Thanks to the internet, any business has the potential to connect to customers all over the world. Using a gTLD like .GLOBAL demonstrates that you can and do work with people all over the globe. This domain is popular for companies that have a  multiple country reach, or those who are just striving to expand. .GLOBAL as a gTLD can be used by many companies, so it’s a smart portfolio buy.

Who should buy it: Anyone who wants to expand the reach of their business should buy and use this domain. Maybe you only want to start doing business in one other country in addition to yours, .GLOBAL is still the right choice. People see .GLOBAL and associate it with a growing company. Individuals and companies who operate in multiple languages are also smart to use a .GLOBAL gTLD to demonstrate their flexibility. Have .GLOBAL in your portfolio for when your business grows and consider using it yourself!

Pricing: .GLOBAL gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $80 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to $50. Start going global with your company by choosing the right gTLD.


Check back at this blog to learn more about the many other gTLDs offered through DCC!

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New TLDs

How You Can Use These New TLDs

New TLDs


DCC has dozens of TLDs for you to purchase, use, and build your domain portfolio with. This large number of domain gives you many options, but can also be overwhelming. How do you know what to pick? For advice on earning income off your domain, see these posts. For advice on how to use some of these new TLDs, read on.


This domain is a powerful tool for building any kind of network. This network might be one that connects you to potential employers or customers. Consider posting your resume, CV or business services to a domain like This is also a great option for building an affiliate network. If you have information to share with your affiliate network, or want to appeal to new prospects, a .network domain is a smart idea.


If you own your own business, you’re usually offering a solution, whether it’s solving what’s for dinner or providing financial or consulting solutions. Consider your business area and if solutions is a smart way to market it. If it is, solutions can advertise your business and what you offer right in the name, like or


If you’re a little wary of committing to a domain that markets your services like “.solutions”, consider the basic “company.” This is a no-brainer if “company” is in your business name or you would like it to be!


If you offer social media services or just want to offer a webpage that shares all of your social profiles in one space, this is the right TLD for you. If you’re providing services or want to start working in social media, consider Just want to provide a resource for people to know more about all of your social media profiles and where to find them, why not


Securing your internet identity is important and there’s no better way to do that than with .digital. A .digital domain shows that this is your digital home. Share your work, resumes, news, about you and whatever you’d like on your .digital site–this site shows who you are on the internet on your terms.


.media is a great TLD to share all kinds of media. Consider sharing your business videos, photos, and audio or upload all of your YouTube and Vimeo videos to one place with your .media website. The TLD showcases what people will get when they visit, driving more clicks, as traffic is usually higher for sites with images rather than just text..


.marketing is another great option to build your business online. Whether you’re an established marketer, or looking into affiliate marketing, this is a great branding option for you. Use or try to show off the specific marketing you offer like digital. marketing, or local marketing.


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Domains New TLDs

8 New TLDs Available in 2015

8 New TLDs Available in 2015

It’s no surprise by now that descriptive TLDs, or Top Level Domains, have a number of benefits over the .COM in this new Internet age. With new TLDs being released all the time, getting on the bandwagon and reserving these domains early is beneficial to businesses, individuals, and professional domain purchasers!

These new TLDs can be available a variety of places, but the best place to purchase newly available TLDs for a lower cost is Domain Cost Club. There are plenty of reasons to join a domain club like this, including the discounted pricing on the newest TLDs available on the Internet. The price differences between Domain Cost Club and other domain registrars can be compared below.

The following new TLD options will be available within the first few months of the New Year – so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase!

1) Dot Degree (or .degree)

Available 1/14/15.  Membership into DCC gets you this domain for $30, while non-members pay $58. Perfect for various certification businesses, schools, online programs, and more.

2) Dot Gives (or .gives)

Get this one 1/14/15 for $20 with a DCC membership. Non-members pay $38. Charitable organizations, or event charitable events by regular businesses could benefit from this descriptive domain.

3) Dot ForSale (or .forsale)

Ready for purchase 1/21/15, this domain will only cost you $20 as a Domain Cost Club member. Real estate agents, listing agents, and the like would benefit from a domain like this. Non-DCC members can purchase for $38.

4) Dot Band (or .band)

You can buy this one on 1/28/15. Obviously great for musicians, singers, and bands, DCC members can get this TLD for only $15. Get it for $28 without membership.

5) Dot Rip (or .rip)

Available on 1/28/15 for a member price of $12 and a non-member price of $22, this TLD can be used for funeral announcements, funeral businesses, tribute or memorial sites, etc.

6) Dot Cricket (or .cricket)

Fans and enthusiasts of the sport of Cricket can purchase this new TLD on 2/17/15. With a slightly higher price point, members of Domain Cost Club can take advantage of a tremendous discount and acquire this domain for $50, while non-members pay $98.

7) Dot Party (or .party)

Get your hands on this new domain on 2/17/15. Events, festivals, clubs, and even individuals can make great use of this TLD for marketing and promotion. At an extremely affordable price of $19.98 for DCC members, there’s nothing to lose! Those who are not members of DCC will pay $38.

8) Dot Science (or .science)

This domain, great for scientists, labs, meds, and the like, will be released 2/24/15. This descriptive domain is priced at $19.98 for members of the club, and $38 for non-members.

These descriptive domains, with all of their immense benefits for marketing and promotion, will go quickly. If you have a business or other use for one of these new Top Level Domains, don’t wait – purchase these domains as soon as they are available. Make sure to take advantage of the Domain Cost Club discounts by joining our affiliate network!


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Domains New TLDs

5 Reasons You Should Use a Descriptive Domain Over a .COM

What’s one of the most important first steps you need to take as a new business owner in this digital era? That’s right, making a website geared at sharing information about your business and generating leads. When deciding on your website domain, the most common TLD (or, “Top Level Domain”) chosen right now is the .COM – simply because it is the most well known.

Here are 5 reasons you should ditch the .com, and move on to the new wave of internet marketing with descriptive TLDs:

1. Increases Branding

In the past, a business owner may have purchased “”, which may seem a bit long and hard to remember for most of us. Perhaps “” was taken, or too expensive. By increasing the length, and changing the meaning to locals who know this place as “John’s Coffee”, the owner isn’t doing himself any favors in the branding department. New TLDs like “.shop” or “.coffee” might be the perfect way to keep the brand integrity for his local shop. “” or “” allows this business owner to advertise and continue his branding efforts just through his domain name. When you secure your extremely accurate, memorable, and concise domain name, you are building your brand!

2. Less Expensive

New TLDs have opened up an entirely new set of domain real estate that most people would not be able to secure without paying a hefty price tag. Domain registrars like Domain Cost club offer hundreds of new TLDs to consumers at cost! That means you pay exactly what it costs to purchase your domain name, with no registrar markups, and nothing more.

New Top Level Domain Extensions3. Increases Possibilities

New TLDs give you the opportunity to get creative, and the possibilities really are endless. From domains that begin with your brand and end with your industry (i.e. “”) to domains that allow you to take advantage of a slogan or catchphrase (i.e. “” or “”), you can ensure you choose a domain that is catchy and beneficial for your business. Hundreds are already available, and more are being added every day! You could even try multiple domains and test market with each of them – although, be sure to have your other domains 301 redirect to your main site so it gets credit for the traffic.

4. Easy SEO

If you want a better search ranking in Google, your domain name needs to be directly related to content on your site. By using descriptive keywords and TLDs within your domain, and having matching content on your website once someone clicks, you will be building SEO for your website without even trying! In other words, if your site is called “”, make sure your site content isn’t about dry cleaning – Google will not rank you very high in the search results and you won’t benefit from that potential traffic.

5. Top of Mind

With so many options for creativity with these new TLDs, you have the opportunity to give your business the best chance at success. Choosing a domain name that is rich in keywords, is easy to remember, and perfectly describes your business will make current customers more likely to remember it, and new customers more likely to understand what your site is about before they even click on it!

Times have changed, people. Gone are the days that one must lower the effectiveness and branding of their business because all of the best .COM domain names are taken, or too expensive. Now there is a better option. Hundreds of new TLDs being offered are actually more descriptive, more effective, and less expensivethan any .COM name you could choose!

TLDs as descriptive as “.boutique”, “.guru”, and “.events” and as specific as “.blackfriday” or “.engineer” are available at DCC to help brand your business right now! The only thing left to do is reserve your domain and start generating leads for your business.



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