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Which Social Media Sites Should You Be Marketing On?

What social media sites should you be marketing on BL

Social media is great for marketing your business or building your network. But with so many options, it’s hard to know which site you should be utilizing for your marketing efforts. Different social sites speak to different audiences, in different ways, and what works for one social media site may not work for another.  

So, which social media sites should YOU be marketing on? We break them down for you below.


Facebook was originally a friendship based networking site. When Facebook was launched over 10 years ago, it was service to connect college students. Now it’s open to anyone in the world and has over 1 billion users. While Facebook is still friendship based, it is increasingly business friendly. One big reason to be on Facebook is the sheer number of users. Most people you know or want to connect with are already on Facebook. While promoting your business on Facebook can sometimes be tricky (people can easily hide what they don’t want to see) the sheer number of people on the network make it a smart choice to do some marketing.


LinkedIn was built for business, advancing in your career, and making business connections. Because of these reasons, it makes sense for you to market and build your network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fast growing social media network, but still has far fewer users than Facebook. Also users do not log in to LinkedIn or access their page as frequently as they visit Facebook. Use LinkedIn to build a strong network, but know your marketing may not be seen by as many people as content on Facebook will be.


Twitter has nearly 300 million monthly users and the best part is that you don’t have to be friends with them or have an established connection for them to see your marketing content. Thanks to the 140 character limit and a fast moving feed, Twitter takes minimal time investment. Twitter is a great place to market your business and test strategies. One tip: Do research into the right hashtags to make sure your content is seen by the most people.


If your business is photo-friendly, Instagram is a great choice. This increasingly popular network relies on hashtags just like Twitter in order for users to find content. Photo-friendly businesses like hair salons, doggie daycare, or travel services thrive on Instagram. If your company isn’t photo-friendly try to get creative in your use of Instagram. Motivational quotes over a fun background are often popular on Instagram and can relate to many business areas. Think of ways they can apply to you.


You may have heard that Google+ is dead, and that may be partially true. But thanks to the popularity and dominance of the Google search engine, it’s still important for your business to be on Google+. To market on Google+, make sure your page has all the important business information like address, hours, and even some photos. Direct your customers to leave reviews on Google+ as well. This way, when someone searches for your business or a business service like yours, your results will be favored by Google and appear higher up on the search results.


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4 Best Domain Tips for 2015

best domain tips for 2015


Whether you are purchasing a domain to build an online presence for your business, build up your domain portfolio, or as an affiliate marketer for domain cost club, there are various guidelines that will make your process easier and more successful. Read on to learn about the best domain tips for 2015.

1. Don’t be afraid of unique TLDs

Since 2008, ICANN has been rolling out new, interesting and valuable gTLDs for public use. At first, these TLDs can seem a little scary. What do you do without a .com? By now you’ve noticed that many companies are taking advantage of these gTLDs for branding opportunities, low prices, and their uniqueness. The right gTLD can help brand your business, and the right group of gTLDs can help to build your portfolio. As more gTLDs roll out and more companies adopt them, they will begin to become the norm. Take advantage of the newness of domains to build your portfolio before these domains and pricing get hot.

2. Look for Great Pricing

Not only are many of these gTLDs less costly than .coms, but they often come with special pricing when they are first unveiled. Look for what is called “sunrise pricing” for domains when they first become available. This refers to a cheaper pricing period for people getting in on the “ground floor” of a domain. DCC will often offer specials as new TLDs become available. New TLDs become available every so often, so if you missed sunrise pricing on one domain, chances are another will be available soon.

3. Expand Your Network

The domain industry isn’t as closed off as it used to be. The industry used to be just for experts and big investors. Now anyone can have their own personalized domain or start creating their own domain portfolio as a way of investing. How does this help you expand your network? More people than ever are purchasing their own domains. Connect with others like you or share with potential customers how easy and important it is to have your own domain. Grow your network with everyday people, not just “domainers.”

4. Know What Your Domain is Worth

If you’re building a domain portfolio, its very important to know what your domain or domains are worth. You most likely know what you paid for your domain, but that doesn’t mean you know what it’s worth. What would you sell your domain for? What kind of profit are you looking for? For help in finding out what your domain is worth, think of it a little bit like real estate–in fact, it is internet real estate. Search online for comparable sales of domains like yours. Do these seem reasonable? Over priced? Find a balance between the going rate of domains like yours and what you hope to make and set that as your price. It’s ok to be flexible, but not having a price in the first place shows prospective buyers that you’re either not interested in your domain, or can easily be taken advantage of with you losing out on a sale. Your domain is a form of investment, so always know its worth.



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Entrepreneurship Sales

9 Quick Business Networking Tips

business networking tips


Networking for business purposes takes various amounts strategy and intention, in terms of how you proceed in interacting with potential business prospects. Whether you want to make a connection with someone for sales reasons or to build up your business network in general, the following business networking tips will assist you in accomplishing your goals.

1. Business Networking Tips for Business Cards.

Business cards may seem old fashioned, but they help to make connections and provide easy to access contact information. Many companies offer professional quality,  inexpensive business cards. Even if you have a business card for your fulltime job, consider making one that highlights you and your skills individually.

2. Business Networking Tips for LinkedIn.

If you’re short on business cards, LinkedIn is a good option if you have a smartphone. Download the LinkedIn app and when you make a new connection in real life, you can ask that person to become a connection on LinkedIn while you’re still talking to them. Just remember to follow up on LinkedIn after the connection is made.

3. Business Networking Tips for LinkedIn Part 2.

The right headline on LinkedIn can make building your network easier. LinkedIn creates a default heading for you based on your current job title, but often times that mean your headline is something vague like “Manager.” Use keywords to build the right headline, like “Marketing Content Manager Interested in Digital Sales” now you’ve got four keywords in your title that is much for informative.

4. Business Networking Tips for Online.

Making connections online can be easy. LinkedIn provides suggested connections while Facebook and Twitter have features that let’s you see other people who are posting about things of interest to you. SImply reach out to these people on these networks or by email if possible and introduce yourself and your reason for reaching out. You’re on your way to a new connection.

5. Business Networking Tips for Offline.

Reach out to your local chamber of commerce or ask online connections for recommendations for in person events. If you can name your industry, chances are you can find a conference or gathering around it. If you can’t afford to travel to a conference specific to your industry, look for a general business networking conference close to your home.

6. Business Networking Tips for Introductions.

As you build your network, don’t be afraid to ask for introductions. People in your network all have their own personal network that could be a of value to you. Services like LinkedIn allow you to see how someone else’s network might connect you to someone who could be helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

7. Business Networking Tips for How to Stay in Touch.

After you make your first connection with someone, set a reminder in your calendar to reach out to them monthly or semi-monthly. This way you will build a genuine relationship with your new connection and be able to identify how you can best assist each other.

8. Business Networking Tips for How to Offer Help.

How can you help your new connection? This should be your first thought when meeting someone. Ideally a connection will help you build your business, but you need to offer help to be deserving of their assistance. Help someone out first and they will be more likely to help you down the line.

9. Business Networking Tips for How to Offer Connections.

Just like you may want an introduction to someone new, offer introductions to your new contact. Do you know someone who might be helpful for the or have work for them? Send an email to introduce them. This helps to solidify your connection and keep you top of mind for how they can help you.



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New TLDs

How You Can Use These New TLDs

New TLDs


DCC has dozens of TLDs for you to purchase, use, and build your domain portfolio with. This large number of domain gives you many options, but can also be overwhelming. How do you know what to pick? For advice on earning income off your domain, see these posts. For advice on how to use some of these new TLDs, read on.


This domain is a powerful tool for building any kind of network. This network might be one that connects you to potential employers or customers. Consider posting your resume, CV or business services to a domain like This is also a great option for building an affiliate network. If you have information to share with your affiliate network, or want to appeal to new prospects, a .network domain is a smart idea.


If you own your own business, you’re usually offering a solution, whether it’s solving what’s for dinner or providing financial or consulting solutions. Consider your business area and if solutions is a smart way to market it. If it is, solutions can advertise your business and what you offer right in the name, like or


If you’re a little wary of committing to a domain that markets your services like “.solutions”, consider the basic “company.” This is a no-brainer if “company” is in your business name or you would like it to be!


If you offer social media services or just want to offer a webpage that shares all of your social profiles in one space, this is the right TLD for you. If you’re providing services or want to start working in social media, consider Just want to provide a resource for people to know more about all of your social media profiles and where to find them, why not


Securing your internet identity is important and there’s no better way to do that than with .digital. A .digital domain shows that this is your digital home. Share your work, resumes, news, about you and whatever you’d like on your .digital site–this site shows who you are on the internet on your terms.


.media is a great TLD to share all kinds of media. Consider sharing your business videos, photos, and audio or upload all of your YouTube and Vimeo videos to one place with your .media website. The TLD showcases what people will get when they visit, driving more clicks, as traffic is usually higher for sites with images rather than just text..


.marketing is another great option to build your business online. Whether you’re an established marketer, or looking into affiliate marketing, this is a great branding option for you. Use or try to show off the specific marketing you offer like digital. marketing, or local marketing.


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