4 Best Domain Tips for 2015

best domain tips for 2015


Whether you are purchasing a domain to build an online presence for your business, build up your domain portfolio, or as an affiliate marketer for domain cost club, there are various guidelines that will make your process easier and more successful. Read on to learn about the best domain tips for 2015.

1. Don’t be afraid of unique TLDs

Since 2008, ICANN has been rolling out new, interesting and valuable gTLDs for public use. At first, these TLDs can seem a little scary. What do you do without a .com? By now you’ve noticed that many companies are taking advantage of these gTLDs for branding opportunities, low prices, and their uniqueness. The right gTLD can help brand your business, and the right group of gTLDs can help to build your portfolio. As more gTLDs roll out and more companies adopt them, they will begin to become the norm. Take advantage of the newness of domains to build your portfolio before these domains and pricing get hot.

2. Look for Great Pricing

Not only are many of these gTLDs less costly than .coms, but they often come with special pricing when they are first unveiled. Look for what is called “sunrise pricing” for domains when they first become available. This refers to a cheaper pricing period for people getting in on the “ground floor” of a domain. DCC will often offer specials as new TLDs become available. New TLDs become available every so often, so if you missed sunrise pricing on one domain, chances are another will be available soon.

3. Expand Your Network

The domain industry isn’t as closed off as it used to be. The industry used to be just for experts and big investors. Now anyone can have their own personalized domain or start creating their own domain portfolio as a way of investing. How does this help you expand your network? More people than ever are purchasing their own domains. Connect with others like you or share with potential customers how easy and important it is to have your own domain. Grow your network with everyday people, not just “domainers.”

4. Know What Your Domain is Worth

If you’re building a domain portfolio, its very important to know what your domain or domains are worth. You most likely know what you paid for your domain, but that doesn’t mean you know what it’s worth. What would you sell your domain for? What kind of profit are you looking for? For help in finding out what your domain is worth, think of it a little bit like real estate–in fact, it is internet real estate. Search online for comparable sales of domains like yours. Do these seem reasonable? Over priced? Find a balance between the going rate of domains like yours and what you hope to make and set that as your price. It’s ok to be flexible, but not having a price in the first place shows prospective buyers that you’re either not interested in your domain, or can easily be taken advantage of with you losing out on a sale. Your domain is a form of investment, so always know its worth.



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