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Time Management Tips for Working from Home

tips for working from home


Working from home is an amazing opportunity, but it can come with some obstacles. It’s not always easy to find time to work when you don’t keep normal hours, and sometimes your home is just too relaxing to do want to get any work done. We’ve got a few tips for working from home that will help you manage your time and make the most of the freedom.

Identify Your Most Productive Times

Now that you set your schedule, it’s time to find out what works best for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? What does your day look like before you add work? Where can you fit in a few hours to get down to building your business? These are great questions to ask yourself. Working from home can mean working completely independently, or working with other people’s schedules. Identify the time that works best for you to get work done each day and stick with it while being mindful of anyone you do business with. Late night hours might be great for you, but if you’ve got to make phone calls to customers and clients, this wont work for them.

Share Your Schedule

Now that you’ve identified your schedule, share it. Many people who work from home have families to take care of and relationships to be considerate of. It’s up to you to let these people know your work from home schedule so they can respect it. This allows you for more uninterrupted time as people will know to leave you to your work during your set times. It’s also a good idea to share your schedule with any clients or customers you work with regularly. This way customers can know when to contact you and you can be sure that your personal time will stay just that.

Leave Your House

If you’ve worked from home before, you know that sometimes there’s just no getting work done in your house. Whether is distractions or your attitude, sometimes the best way to be productive is to get out of the house and into a new environment. Find a coffee shop that you like that isn’t too busy when you need to get work done. Many restaurants also offer free wifi, or better yet, check out the local public library. Most offer wifi with easy access and you’re almost always guaranteed a quiet spot to get work done.

Give 100%

As we talked about above, many people work from home to better accommodate family and relationships, which is a great idea. However, it’s important to dedicate your full attention to one thing at a time. When it’s time to get your work done, make sure it has all of your focus–no running loads of laundry or chatting with your kids when it’s time to do work. This ensures your get your work done and that you have the time to give your all to your family when your work day is done.

Working from home is a great opportunity, but also comes with lots of responsibility. Learn how to better manage your time and watch your business flourish.


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Domain Cost Club

Domain Cost Club Affiliate Benefits, Simply

Domain cost club affiliate benefits


Domain Cost Club is a wholesale domain purchasing service. It works just like places like Costco and Sam’s Club. You pay a membership fee for access to wholesale–which often means heavily discounted–prices. This is probably the best benefit of DCC, but there’s also many others. Think of how half the fun of going to Costco is the friendly staff and free samples. DCC may not have free samples of cake to share with its members, but the other benefits are pretty good. Read on to learn more about the Domain Cost Club affiliate benefits.


With DCC you get easy access to many gTLDs in one place. There’s no need to hunt down the registrar specific to each to gTLD, you can buy many different gTLDs through DCC all at once. Just browse through the domain extensions offered, type in what you want and add it your cart. Add the next gTLD and you’re ready to check out.


As DCC is a membership club, we want to reward you for your loyalty. With each new member you refer to DCC, you’ll earn what we call a bounty. These bounties range from $20 to $200 dollars. So be sure to send interested friends to your direct referral page to learn more about becoming a member with DCC.

Network Building

We invite members to take extra advantage of the DCC membership by building their own network of fellow members. This way you can create a sort of waterfall effect with all the new members that you refer to DCC. You will not only receive commissions for your direct referrals, but also for their referrals and so on through seven levels. A bonus of this is that you can earn commissions each time one of your referrals renews. Sharing DCC and creating members for life continues to pay off for you and your referrals.

Priority Notifications

gTLDs are exciting in that there’s always new ones becoming available for purchase. Do you want to know in advance when the next new gTLD is coming out? That’s just one of the examples of priority notifications DCC offers its members. As a member you’ll also be the first to know about pricing specials, bonuses, and new offerings. This gives you the chances to build your domain portfolio at the price while taking advantage of fun bonuses and new commissions along the way. This feature is available with charter membership.

House Spillover

Not everyone interested in DCC finds out about it through a friend of referral. Some people find out about DCC through search engines, other websites, or word of mouth. Those potential new members don’t have someone to show them the benefits of DCC–as a member you can get the chance to do this. Any interested parties, or spillover, are shared among members, giving you the chance to make a new contact and earn some commissions at the same time. This feature is available with charter membership.

Lifetime Charter Member

For a limited time, DCC offers lifetime charter membership. At the one time payment of $499, your pricing for life costs the same as it would if you paid for just 5 years. Aside from this huge discount, charter members can get semi-monthly commission payouts and giftable memberships.


DCC has many benefits for members. Which one works best for you? Learn more about DCC here and get started today.

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New TLDs

Learn More About These New gTLDs: .BIZ and .SITE

new gTLDs

gTLDs can get pretty specific, with domains for everything from .lol to .coffee. But for some people, the right choice is a domain extension that can be applied to many different subject matters of businesses. Two good choices for those people are .BIZ and .SITE. Read on to learn more about these two affordable and versatile new gTLDs.


Why it’s popular:.BIZ is old in the world of gTLDs, it’s been around since 2000! Being more established than other TLDs, .BIZ is easy to remember and visitors are used to seeing it at the end of the URL bar. Biz, of course, is shorthand for business and many websites are a business or want to get that information across to their customers. .BIZ allows you to brand your website as a business without having a long gTLD. Being shorthand, .BIZ also makes a website business seem more approachable and fun.

Who should buy it: Anyone who is using their website for their business. Think of .BIZ as another TLD like .com, only with much better availability. .BIZ is universal for telling visitors they are headed to a business website before the website even loads. This can inform visitors of what type of content to expect and what services will be provided. Are you a solely online business? .BIZ is a great choice for you as it informs potential customers that your website is the best place to do business with you.

Pricing: .BIZ gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $20.00 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to $8.63 with renewal at the same price. It’s a smart investment for an established gTLD.


Why it’s popular: .SITE is a great domain choice for absolutely any site! It is an easy to remember gTLD and won’t distract or take away from your domain. Users can even work to personalize the gTLD by using domain addresses like for Tommy’s site. .SITE is also versatile, it can be easily applied to a business site or one used for fun, networking, or any personal use.

Who should buy it: Anyone who might be afraid of committing to a very specific gTLD. .SITE allows you to turn your website into whatever you want and to transform it without having to worry about purchasing a new domain. If you’re unsure of how you might use your website, or see it changing in the future, .SITE is a smart choice for you. Anyone who wants to expand the reach of their business should buy and use this domain. .SITE is also a great gTLD to have in your portfolio. People can benefit from the versatility of the gTLD in the same way you can, so its an easy sell!

Pricing: .SITE gTLDs are for sale through DCC for $28.00 for a one year registration. If you’re a DCC member, that price goes all the way down to just $5. Build your website or your portfolio with this affordable gTLD today!
Check back at this blog to learn more about the many other gTLDs offered through DCC.


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Social Media

How to Use Twitter for Your Business

How to use Twitter for business BL

You may be wondering how to use Twitter for your business to actually see some measurable ROI. Well, Twitter is a great tool for business, but how you use it personally and how you use it for business should differ. Read on for the best ways to drive traffic and business using Twitter.

Your Profile

Like profiles for many online sites, think keywords. With just 160 characters, slightly longer than a tweet, your profile should be a place for keywords about your business, not your whole mission statement. What industry are you in? What do you specialize in? Include this information in your short profile to ensure your profile comes up in searches. There’s no need to include hashtags in your profile (though many people do) Twitter will identify the keywords in your profile, hashtag or not. Also important for keyword searches is your Twitter handle. Your handle is simply your username on Twitter. Twitter looks for keywords in usernames as well, so your username has an impact on who finds you or doesn’t.

Who You Follow

Follow people related to your business for two reasons. Reason number one, people may often click to see who you follow to learn more about you. If you follow a ton of random handles, it may be hard for people to figure out what you’re allow about. So follow a curated list of people related to your business. This curated list is reason number two why people you follow is important. Twitter is great in that easily allows you to share content from others in the form of a retweet. In a business account, you want what you share to be relevant your business So if you’re following the right curated list, you’ll see tweets related to your business and allow for a simple retweet related to your industry, no extra searching required.

What You Share

Separating personal views and business ideas on Twitter can be difficult. Unlike Facebook where you can use your personal profile to manage a professional page, Twitter doesn’t have that option. So be careful what you share. Consider having a personal Twitter and a business Twitter. Keep opinions and thoughts on your personal  account and news, links and relevant information on your business account.

Looking the Part

Have a logo? You should! Your logo is a great choice for a Twitter profile photo, this lets people know more about your business and shows you off as a legitimate business. If you don’t have a logo, consider a photo of yourself and share your role with the business in your profile so people can easily connect you and the business when they visit your profile. As for cover photos, use something relevant to your business and make sure it isn’t blurry. Twitter prefers large, high resolution photos for cover photos, so find one that fits and check it before saving.

Getting Statistics

Twitter offers two ways to get analytics. Want to know how  tweet is performing? Simply click on the graph icon below it to see impressions and engagement on the tweet. To see how your account is doing over time and learn more about your followers, visit



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New TLDs

New TLDs for October

New TLDs

One exciting aspect of gTLDs is that new ones become available each month. If you’re waiting for just the right gTLD, check the DCC website for upcoming releases and their pricing. gTLDs like .dog, .movie, and .mba are all released in August, appealing to different groups of domainers and website builders. Read on to get to know some of the most versatile new TLDs for October and how you can use them!


How You Can Use It: .ONLINE is a great gTLD to debut a brick and mortar business on the internet. How so? Maybe you a own a very popular local restaurant, but have put off getting  website because you do quite well on word of mouth and are afraid long time customers may not be interested. A smart way to transfer your real life popularity to the internet is to add .ONLINE to the end of your new website. Everyone in town loves Edna’s Restaurant, and now that you finally have a website, is easy to remember and tells visiors that this is your home online, but they can still find you at your brick and mortar location.

For Your Portfolio: .ONLINE is versatile and can be used for nearly any business. It’s a smart portfolio buy because businesses from many different areas and types of services can use it. It also allows people to brand their online identity. Think Perfect for business or personal use!

Outlook: Thanks to its versatility, there is expectation that .ONLINE will be a very valuable and popular gTLD.

Pricing: .ONLINE is available for purchase for $48.00 through DCC, but for members that price drops to just $15.00


How You Can Use It: Short for “For Your Information” .FYI seems like a great domain to learn more about a business, industry, or a person. .FYI sites make sense for those with a lot of content and information to share. It’s a great gTLD to use to brand yourself as an expert in an industry, think to share your social media expertise. The three letter gTLD is easy to remember and with the right domain name, can make for a very short website address.

For Your Portfolio: FYI is a unique domain to include in your portfolio, it’s less specific than domains like .coffee or .delivery, but provides more information to a website visitor than .site or .com. Keep it in your portfolio for the right buyer.

Outlook: As more people use the internet to verify businesses and information, .FYI domains could be a powerful gTLD to share this information.

Pricing: .FYI is available for purchases for $28.00 through DCC, if you’re a DCC member, that price goes down to $13.00.


How You Can Use It: Game creation and development is easier than ever thanks to online tools. Potential buyers can use .GAME to host their game on a site or create a website for fans of games like Minecraft and Second Life to share insights, strategies, and stories about their favorite game.

For Your Portfolio: .GAME is a good choice if you are building a large portfolio or have a network of people with an interest in gaming. It’s a more specific gTLD, so only certain customers mays be interested in it.

Outlook: Large corporations like Google and Amazon showed an early interest in .GAMES, so its future remains to be seen, but it could be very bright!

Pricing: .GAME is available for $44.00 retail and just $23.00 for DCC members.


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