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Time Management Tips for Working from Home

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Working from home is an amazing opportunity, but it can come with some obstacles. It’s not always easy to find time to work when you don’t keep normal hours, and sometimes your home is just too relaxing to do want to get any work done. We’ve got a few tips for working from home that will help you manage your time and make the most of the freedom.

Identify Your Most Productive Times

Now that you set your schedule, it’s time to find out what works best for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? What does your day look like before you add work? Where can you fit in a few hours to get down to building your business? These are great questions to ask yourself. Working from home can mean working completely independently, or working with other people’s schedules. Identify the time that works best for you to get work done each day and stick with it while being mindful of anyone you do business with. Late night hours might be great for you, but if you’ve got to make phone calls to customers and clients, this wont work for them.

Share Your Schedule

Now that you’ve identified your schedule, share it. Many people who work from home have families to take care of and relationships to be considerate of. It’s up to you to let these people know your work from home schedule so they can respect it. This allows you for more uninterrupted time as people will know to leave you to your work during your set times. It’s also a good idea to share your schedule with any clients or customers you work with regularly. This way customers can know when to contact you and you can be sure that your personal time will stay just that.

Leave Your House

If you’ve worked from home before, you know that sometimes there’s just no getting work done in your house. Whether is distractions or your attitude, sometimes the best way to be productive is to get out of the house and into a new environment. Find a coffee shop that you like that isn’t too busy when you need to get work done. Many restaurants also offer free wifi, or better yet, check out the local public library. Most offer wifi with easy access and you’re almost always guaranteed a quiet spot to get work done.

Give 100%

As we talked about above, many people work from home to better accommodate family and relationships, which is a great idea. However, it’s important to dedicate your full attention to one thing at a time. When it’s time to get your work done, make sure it has all of your focus–no running loads of laundry or chatting with your kids when it’s time to do work. This ensures your get your work done and that you have the time to give your all to your family when your work day is done.

Working from home is a great opportunity, but also comes with lots of responsibility. Learn how to better manage your time and watch your business flourish.


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Work From Home

Top Tools for Building Your Business from Home (That You Don’t Have to Pay For!)

Building Your Business from Home

Working from home is the right option for many people, whether this means working full time from home, or earning extra income without having to leave the house to go to a second job. While working from home might take some investment in the form of high speed internet and the right plan for your cell or home phone, most tools to succeed in this environment are at your fingertips free of charge. Here’s how to take advantage of tools you already have access to in order to be successful building your business from home.

Online or Email Provider Calendar

Whether you use the calendar that comes with your Microsoft Outlook or a free service like Google’s Gcal, this is a very important tool. Put all meetings, hours worked, and planned phone calls in your calendar. Track the hours you’re putting into your business and plan times to work. Make sure you put an alert on all your important calendar notes, so you will be notified a few hours or even a day before an important event, like a phone call with a new downline member or a networking event. Calendars are also helpful looking back, you can see the last time you reached out to a prospective customer or when you called the phone company to settle that bill. Online calendars are great as well because you can’t misplace them and they can often sync up with your smartphone and other devices.

Your Phone

This may seem old-fashioned, but your phone is essential for building your business from home. Much business can be done through email, but it doesn’t replace a phone call to get right to the point and negotiate a business deal or offer help. If you work in affiliate marketing, make sure you are available by phone to help your downline. Take time to schedule conference calls with your team to motivate them and work towards goals together.

Skype, Google Hangout or Other Video Tools

Video chatting tools are great for working from home, because often your customers and “colleagues” are far away. Consider video calls when you want to connect with multiple people at once, or share expertise that can only be done with the help of visuals. Services like Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use, so try them out!

Computer Camera and Microphone

These are great tools to create helpful videos for your customers and team members. If you work in affiliate marketing, video is a powerful tool to onboard new downline members, or promote to website visitors the power of affiliate programs. A quality microphone and camera can make your videos high quality and your business seem more professional.

Quiet Space

You don’t need to have an entire private office to be have success working from home, but having a designated area to do work is important. Work with your family or roommates to schedule time where you can do work uninterrupted. If you do have an office, consider turning off the wireless internet connection on your computer when you don’t need it so you don’t get distracted by mindless browsing when you should be doing something else–like making phone calls. Having uninterrupted time to put in to the your business may be the most important tool to success working from home, so be sure to schedule it!


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9 Tips for a Flawless Elevator Pitch

hand shake

If you are in sales, have worked for a startup, or are an entrepreneur, then you have definitely heard the term “elevator pitch.” For those of you that don’t know, an elevator pitch refers to the ability to sell your product or service to someone, and hopefully pique their interest in it, within the time it takes to ride in an elevator with them (less than a minute).  The elevator pitch, which is obviously not always going to happen in an elevator, is useful when explaining your business to an investor, a potential client or customer, or a potential partner.

The truth is, having an elevator pitch prepared when people ask, “what do you do?” is crucial for any person working at any business. You never know when a casual conversation could turn into a business deal, so being prepared when the time comes will most certainly benefit you.

The following 9 tips will help you to convey your “pitch” clearly and concisely, without coming across as a “salesman.”

1. Short and Sweet

As mentioned above, this description of your business needs to be under a minute long, while still being clear about what it is you are offering. Don’t use jargon related to your industry – assume this person knows nothing about your business and spoon-feed them the idea.

For example, if you’re an online marketing agency, don’t say “we have expertise in SEO.” Instead, say “we help businesses get their websites on the first page of Google’s search results.”

2. Clear Benefit

Speak in terms of what this product or service will do for THEM. You will have to tailor this to your audience; whether it is a potential customer or client, a potential partner, or an investor. Regardless, let them know how this product or service will make their life easier, better, or solve a problem for them. Explain this right away in simple terms.

For example, let’s say you are an affiliate marketer for Domain Cost Club, and you are trying to get a potential new member to join. You would want to let them know about the flexibility of working from home, the exponential earning value, and of course the overall value of the DCC membership in terms of discounted domains.

3. Differentiation

So you’ve explained the benefit of the product or service, now it’s time to integrate your unique selling proposition into the pitch and explain why this person should want to buy from or invest in YOU instead of your competitors.

Going back to our example above, there are many companies that offer affiliate marketing programs. You would want to explain why DCC is the best place to become an affiliate marketer. Perhaps you would want to mention how easy it is to get started, the stellar support offered in building your network, or the top-notch level of the actual product you are selling.

Make money with affiliate marketing4. Greed Factor

Everyone wants to make money, and everything relates back to ROI – it’s as simple as that. Quickly explain how your product or service will either make or save this person money. If your business doesn’t directly do that, figure out an indirect way to integrate this concept.

Someone who is potentially interested in an affiliate marketing opportunity, for example, will be most interested in the possibility of, ease of, and length of time it will take to start making money.

5. Credentials

Explain who you are, and your affiliation with this product or service. What do you do for the company and why are you qualified to be speaking about or selling it? This would also be a great time to include some recent success stats.

If you earned $15,000 in your first quarter as an affiliate marketer, that would be a great selling point to a potential new member you are trying to close. Relate to them and let them know you have been where they are.

6. Easy to Join

No one wants to go through a long, overdrawn process to get involved with or join something. If all they have to do is fill out a simple form, some short paperwork, or view a 10-minute slideshow to get started – point that out.

7. Leave them Wanting More

Remember, this first encounter is just a door opener to a more in depth conversation. Keep the upper hand in the conversation and pique their interest just enough for them to want to learn more. The more you talk, the less interest your garner. Stop when you know they seem interested, and then suggest getting together another time to go more in depth or show them more facts and figures.

8. Be Conversational

No one – I repeat, NO ONE – likes to be “sold to”. Do not sell your product, service, or yourself to this other person. Keep it casual and conversational – this works great in a social setting. Get your point across, and don’t push.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice…

You already know practice makes perfect! Practice this elevator pitch on your family and friends. Do they automatically understand the points you’re trying to get across? Would it make them interested in learning more? The more you repeat your key points, the more casual it will come across when this moment occurs in a natural setting.

Including the factors above in your elevator pitch will not guarantee that you get your investment, or close the sale – it is only meant to open the door to a secondary conversation.

With a large focus on #7 and #8, you give yourself the upper hand in this sales-driven conversation. Acting natural, as though you would be helping THEM achieve success by allowing them to participate in your offer will help draw the other person in, and give you leverage to hopefully close the deal in the secondary meeting you are bound to set up!


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Work From Home

10 Ways To Be Unbelievably Productive While Working From Home

In this digital era, the amount of ways to make money on the Internet, from the comfort of your own home, are seemingly endless. However, in this game of opportunity, the unproductive, unorganized, and unprepared can be easily left behind.

For example, companies that need affiliate marketing services to help push their products out, will allow you to work, network, and promote from home, then send you your commission payments after they see your results.   Easy as pie, right? Well – as long as you are the type of person who can actually be productive while working from home.

Here are a few tips to ensure your success in getting your work done right on a daily basis:

1. Get Up and Get Ready for “Work”

Even though you’re working from home, pretend that you are actually getting up to go to a job that requires you to be in on time. Set your alarm, get up early, get dressed, work out, and eat breakfast. Create a morning routine that gets you going, and one you stick to day after day.

2. De-clutter

No one likes working in a messy, cluttered environment. It’s distracting and causes anxiety. Make sure your workspace is clean and ready to go by the time you sit down. Have everything you need for the first part of your morning on your desk – notepad, coffee, water, pens, laptop, etc. No excuses to get up and wander around the house.

3. Have a Designated “Office”

This one is VERY important. Designate a room with a desk and a door. Don’t work where you sleep, got it? Close the door, and make sure any family members or family pets nearby know that when the door is closed, it means you are currently operating a business.

4. Make a To-do List by Priority

Make this list every single morning, without fail. Physically write down the projects and tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Get as granular as “responding to emails”. If it needs to get done, write it down – and prioritize by importance.

5.  Decide on Your “NUMBER ONE” Task for the Day

This “NUMBER ONE” should also be the number one item on your “To-do List”. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world contributed to an article that stated their productivity comes from focusing their day (or week, or quarter, etc.) around ONE specific goal – and not starting another until that one is complete. The mindset being “those who multitask fail – those who focus succeed”.

Productivity work from home6. Book Appointments in Your Calendar for Work and Breaks

Use your “To-do List” to time your activities and tasks throughout the day. Allow time for every activity you need to realistically complete, including posting on social media and lunch. This overall calendar should also be used when scheduling calls and meetings in advance. Then, you should incorporate your daily “To-do List” around your pre-scheduled events.

7. Set Aside Specific Time to Plan and Brainstorm

Rest, freedom, and creativity can actually make you more productive. Set aside time in your calendar for “free thinking”. Use that time to research and plan things, come up with new ideas, and innovate. Just don’t waste that time checking your phone, or changing the laundry.

8. Try Incorporating Theme Days

Some people work best when their entire day revolves around one particular “theme”. For example, let’s say you are an affiliate marketer for Domain Cost Club. Perhaps your Monday is geared towards Cold Calling, Tuesdays are for activities that grow your social media following, Wednesdays are for all activities that support email marketing, Thursdays are for team brainstorming and networking meetings…you get the idea! This concept also lends itself to the “NUMBER ONE” task of the day.


Lock it in a drawer and put it on silent. Don’t open the drawer until the designated time in your calendar for phone checking, and returning calls. Encourage people to schedule calls in advance, so that it is already factored into your schedule for the day.

10. Give Yourself a Grade at the End of Each Day

You will be surprised at how affective this last tip is. Obviously you are on the honor system here, but give it a try. See how many things from your to-do list you accomplished that day. Was everything done to the best of your ability? Are you proud of what you accomplished? Give yourself a letter grade for the day, and see how many “A’s” you can get each week. You could even assign yourself a prize for a good “report card”!

Opportunity for success will never be the issue when it comes to working online from home.  The challenge comes in continually learning your craft to the best of your ability, perseverance, and actually doing the work at hand. Make a conscious effort to try these tips, and see how much more you can accomplish in a day!



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