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Top Tools for Building Your Business from Home (That You Don’t Have to Pay For!)

Building Your Business from Home

Working from home is the right option for many people, whether this means working full time from home, or earning extra income without having to leave the house to go to a second job. While working from home might take some investment in the form of high speed internet and the right plan for your cell or home phone, most tools to succeed in this environment are at your fingertips free of charge. Here’s how to take advantage of tools you already have access to in order to be successful building your business from home.

Online or Email Provider Calendar

Whether you use the calendar that comes with your Microsoft Outlook or a free service like Google’s Gcal, this is a very important tool. Put all meetings, hours worked, and planned phone calls in your calendar. Track the hours you’re putting into your business and plan times to work. Make sure you put an alert on all your important calendar notes, so you will be notified a few hours or even a day before an important event, like a phone call with a new downline member or a networking event. Calendars are also helpful looking back, you can see the last time you reached out to a prospective customer or when you called the phone company to settle that bill. Online calendars are great as well because you can’t misplace them and they can often sync up with your smartphone and other devices.

Your Phone

This may seem old-fashioned, but your phone is essential for building your business from home. Much business can be done through email, but it doesn’t replace a phone call to get right to the point and negotiate a business deal or offer help. If you work in affiliate marketing, make sure you are available by phone to help your downline. Take time to schedule conference calls with your team to motivate them and work towards goals together.

Skype, Google Hangout or Other Video Tools

Video chatting tools are great for working from home, because often your customers and “colleagues” are far away. Consider video calls when you want to connect with multiple people at once, or share expertise that can only be done with the help of visuals. Services like Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use, so try them out!

Computer Camera and Microphone

These are great tools to create helpful videos for your customers and team members. If you work in affiliate marketing, video is a powerful tool to onboard new downline members, or promote to website visitors the power of affiliate programs. A quality microphone and camera can make your videos high quality and your business seem more professional.

Quiet Space

You don’t need to have an entire private office to be have success working from home, but having a designated area to do work is important. Work with your family or roommates to schedule time where you can do work uninterrupted. If you do have an office, consider turning off the wireless internet connection on your computer when you don’t need it so you don’t get distracted by mindless browsing when you should be doing something else–like making phone calls. Having uninterrupted time to put in to the your business may be the most important tool to success working from home, so be sure to schedule it!


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