5 Ways to Market Your Domain for Sale or Use

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Now that you’ve purchased your domain(s) through DCC, how do you plan to use it? Your domain is an investment, no matter if you’re using it for your own business or planning to sell it for a profit. Read on for ways to market your domain, whether you plan to sell the domain or use it, and get a return on your investment.

Domains For Sale:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to share that you have a collection of domain names for sale. Email marketing should be conversational and to the point. You’re not trying to make a sale, you’re trying to make a connection and tout the benefits of your domain.

Before you start emailing, remember that email marketing requires a double opt in before you can reach out to someone by email. That means someone needs to sign up to receive emails from you and then confirm they would like to receive these emails and their signup was not a mistake. This can be accomplished with a contact form on your website where visitors can sign up with their email. As you get their emails, send them a note to ensure they want to be subscribed. Then its up to you to market and share why others should be interested in investing in your domains.

Social Media

Social media is great place to promote your domains because people who will see you promotion are already online and browsing. You should promote on social media just how important it is to have a branded domain or share how much income you’re building with domain sales. Make your social media posts fun, but informative and don’t post so frequently that others grow weary of the information. Also, consider creating your own Facebook and Twitter account for your domain promotion, that way, you know that the people that fan or follow you are truly interested in the domain world.

DCC offers great pricing on our domains through our membership offerings. As soon as you become a DCC member, you have access to at-cost pricing, which means you pay what we pay for domains. This kind of pricing makes DCC the right choice for many people, including people you already know. So consider sharing DCC with your network and each time someone you referred becomes a member, you will earn between $25 and $200.

Domains For Use:

Content Marketing

If you’ve purchased a domain to use for your own business, content marketing is an effective way to establish your business and promote your website. Content marketing is when you produce great content in the form of blogs, videos, and photos, and share them to drive people to your website. Consider creating a blog to go with your business website that talks about best practices within your industry. Or create videos that promote “how to’s” within your industry. These are powerful ways to offer people something for free to drive them to your website and then share your business with them .

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for driving traffic to your website. This means doing research on sites like Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find out what words or phrases are popular in your industry. Once you find these phases, use them in your content marketing. To really get the most out of your SEO use these popular words and phrases in your actual domain name. Like or The right keywords will market your site without you having to actively do so.


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How to Choose A Good Domain Name or TLD

how to choose a good domain name BL

Purchasing a domain name through DCC can be a great investment, so you want to be sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs. But how do you know what makes a good domain name for yourself or others? Read our tips below to help you make the right domain name investing choice or to learn how to choose the best domain name for yourself.


How do you plan to use this domain? If you’re interested in using it for your own business, think of how the domain will best represent your business. If your business is a pizza place named Rudy’s, consider the domain name that includes Rudy’s and pizza like or These kind of domain names promote your business. However, if you want to purchase a domain name to sell, consider something more generic like or . The use of the domain you’re buying will play a large part in the naming of it.


DCC offers you a large number of top level domains that are newly available. These are the kind of domains that unlike .com and .net are descriptive and give website visitors a better idea of the site they are navigating to. DCC offers all kinds of TLDs, so it’s up to you whether you want a domain name that lives at a .com or something more descriptive like .money or .science. Of course, you can buy domains at multiple TLDs through DCC, so it may be best to buy some more traditional .coms and experiment with other TLDs to see which you are more interested in.


How are you going to use this domain? Will you be using it at all or just looking to sell it down the road? Considering the application of this domain will go into your choices of domain name. If you’re building a portfolio, do research on popular domain names and see what these domains names often sell for. If you’re using the site for yourself, do your keyword research. What keywords are popular in your industry and will get people to your domain?

Spelling, Grammar, Homophones

Domain names aren’t forever, but that doesn’t mean you should be sloppy with them! When choosing your domain name, be careful of accidental misspellings. Some companies get creative with the spelling of their name, but that only works if it’s intentional. Spellcheck everything you plan to include in your domain name and get a few other opinions on it  before you purchase. The same goes for grammar and homophones.

Homophones are one of those things you learned in elementary school but didn’t think you would need, but you do now! Homophones are words that are spelled differently but sound the same, so watch out for “to” two” and “too” or “our” and “are”. Be sure you are using the version of the word you want in your domain and get a second opinion before you buy!


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Why Investing in Domains is Important Right Now

Investing in Domains

People have been making money purchasing and selling domains since the early days of the internet. Many people thought domain sales hit their peak with blockbuster sales like,, and in the 2000s, but that’s not true. While many .coms that commanded wild pricing are now off the table, internet domains are opening up like never before and allowing people to invest at any level. Average people can now join in and invest in a world they were once priced out of. Read on to learn why investing in domains right now is more important than ever.


As you may have heard, TLDs are changing the domain world. In the past, domains that could be purchased were limited to popular registrars like .com, .net, and .org. This made some domains in short supply and crowded a lot of people out of the domain world due to sky high prices for domains with these endings. But starting in 2008, ICANN, the governing body for domain names, began working to make more generic TLDs available. This meant TLDs that were once limited to your website address could now be part of the domain. Since these TLDs have started rolling out, the domain industry has changed for the better. The availability of these domains allows for unique branding opportunities and a chance for people to secure domains that they wouldn’t have been able to afford as .coms. Endings like .legal, .chat and .money can help you build and diversify a portfolio like never before, at prices that many can afford.

Unique Branding Opportunity

With the help of the internet, you can find out lots of information on many people, including yourself. Because so much of our lives are on the internet these days, it’s important to take ownership of your own personal brand and identity before others do. While social networks can be an easy way to do this, those networks own your information and it can quickly become out of your control. That’s why your personal domain is the best bet to manage who you are, online. Consider a TLD like .digital or .marketing to build your profile at. This can include your resume or CV and anything you would like to share. Showcase your online persona to others to share how they can take back the internet and control what kind of information people find out about them. When you are able to use your first and last name in your actual domain, thats powerful SEO. That insures that the first results that come up about you are your website and something you want people to see.

The Internet of Everything

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “The Internet of Everything?” This refers to our constant connectivity in many places, from our watches to our phones, people are always connected to the internet. This is good news for anyone interested in buying and selling domains. As the internet plays a bigger role in our lives, more and more people are using it each day. This means more people are in need of a website to build their brand or more people comfortable with the internet and looking to start investing in something like domains. Take advantage of the fact that the internet is everywhere and grow your domain portfolio to share it with new people.


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Work From Home

Top Tools for Building Your Business from Home (That You Don’t Have to Pay For!)

Building Your Business from Home

Working from home is the right option for many people, whether this means working full time from home, or earning extra income without having to leave the house to go to a second job. While working from home might take some investment in the form of high speed internet and the right plan for your cell or home phone, most tools to succeed in this environment are at your fingertips free of charge. Here’s how to take advantage of tools you already have access to in order to be successful building your business from home.

Online or Email Provider Calendar

Whether you use the calendar that comes with your Microsoft Outlook or a free service like Google’s Gcal, this is a very important tool. Put all meetings, hours worked, and planned phone calls in your calendar. Track the hours you’re putting into your business and plan times to work. Make sure you put an alert on all your important calendar notes, so you will be notified a few hours or even a day before an important event, like a phone call with a new downline member or a networking event. Calendars are also helpful looking back, you can see the last time you reached out to a prospective customer or when you called the phone company to settle that bill. Online calendars are great as well because you can’t misplace them and they can often sync up with your smartphone and other devices.

Your Phone

This may seem old-fashioned, but your phone is essential for building your business from home. Much business can be done through email, but it doesn’t replace a phone call to get right to the point and negotiate a business deal or offer help. If you work in affiliate marketing, make sure you are available by phone to help your downline. Take time to schedule conference calls with your team to motivate them and work towards goals together.

Skype, Google Hangout or Other Video Tools

Video chatting tools are great for working from home, because often your customers and “colleagues” are far away. Consider video calls when you want to connect with multiple people at once, or share expertise that can only be done with the help of visuals. Services like Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use, so try them out!

Computer Camera and Microphone

These are great tools to create helpful videos for your customers and team members. If you work in affiliate marketing, video is a powerful tool to onboard new downline members, or promote to website visitors the power of affiliate programs. A quality microphone and camera can make your videos high quality and your business seem more professional.

Quiet Space

You don’t need to have an entire private office to be have success working from home, but having a designated area to do work is important. Work with your family or roommates to schedule time where you can do work uninterrupted. If you do have an office, consider turning off the wireless internet connection on your computer when you don’t need it so you don’t get distracted by mindless browsing when you should be doing something else–like making phone calls. Having uninterrupted time to put in to the your business may be the most important tool to success working from home, so be sure to schedule it!


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