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How To Make Money Online: An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

In the world of Internet Marketing, there are many avenues used to increase brand awareness, generate leads for a company, and drive sales. One of the most common, but underrated, strategies used is “affiliate marketing.” But what is affiliate marketing actually, and how does it benefit you?

Read on to find out.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based program in which a company rewards their affiliates for each customer brought to the business by that specific affiliate. Think of it as a large-scale referral program. Internet-based affiliate marketing is extremely popular for a number of reasons, including its effectiveness at bringing warm leads to a business, the monetary benefits it provides for the affiliates, and the flexibility it usually supports for both the business and the affiliates.

There are many different structures a business can use to reward affiliates, but all of them a directly related to performance. Those that are simply misinformed, and flat out wrong, sometimes incorrectly compare the concept of affiliate marketing to that of ponzi schemes. Affiliate marketing can employ various multilevel marketing tactics, but never anything illegal. If it’s illegal, it is NOT affiliate marketing.

Build A Second Income

earn a second incomeAffiliate marketing is so popular because, as mentioned above, it has incredible earning potential for the affiliates. By putting in the research needed to become an expert in whatever industry the company you are affiliate marketing for, spending time building out your in person and social networks, and honing your sales skills, you could be on your way to securing a hefty secondary, or even primary income.

The great news is that your affiliate income is entirely dependent on your effort. The more you promote the service through your network, content marketing, SEO, social media, etc. – the more money you will make.

The power is in your hands. Utilize affiliate marketing to your advantage and start prospering today.

Give Us An Example

Online membership organizations, like Domain Cost Club, allow you to take advantage of their membership benefits as well as earn secondary income as an affiliate of their services. First, you can become a member of the club to purchase hundreds of domains at wholesale costs. Then, by simply referring people to Domain Cost Club you can start earning commissions as an affiliate. Yes, it’s THAT easy. This video explains more clearly just how easy it is to sign up and start earning extra cash.


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Domain Cost Club

Why You Should Join Domain Cost Club

What is Domain Cost Club?

Welcome to Domain Cost Club, the very first domain registrar to provide domain names to you at cost. After years of registrars selling domain names the same way, our goal is to become a new, better type of domain registrar for the purchaser.

How Does it Work?

Purchase our $99 annual membership, Shop the warehouse, Get unlimited domains at wholesale prices, it’s easy!

By becoming a Domain Cost Club member, you are now eligible to purchase any domain name in our warehouse for the same price that GoDaddy, or any ICANN accredited registrar does. You can purchase new domain registrations, renewals,  and transfers – as many as you like, and no silly “coupon codes” to remember.

As the Internet continues to grow, more domain extensions are being released, in order to better suit the interests of the purchaser. So, why is this an important opportunity? As many of the early .com investors will tell you (i.e. “”, “”) the long-term potential payout for getting on board early is exponential. Imagine being the first to buy what are sure to be valuable domain names at wholesale prices, and selling them for upwards of six figures!

Because you are paying wholesale prices, instead of the normal 300% markup that other domain registrars charge, after about 3-4 domain purchases, you have already paid for your membership! Investing now can provide your success for the future.

What’s in the “Warehouse” of Domains?

In addition to the ever important “.com”, “.net”, and “.org”, our warehouse also includes an endless list of newly available domain extensions that actually represent your interests or your business, like “.guru”, “.blog”, and “.shop”. Descriptive domain extensions like this can be extremely valuable for you, or to someone else that will want to purchase it from you in the future!

earn a second income as an affiliateEarn a Second Income as a DCC Affiliate!

The best part about this membership? You can earn enough referral fees and commissions to earn a full time second income! By becoming a Domain Cost Club affiliate, and building out a network of engaged DCC members, you can easily earn both fast cash AND residual income.

Referring DCC standard and charter memberships are worthwhile and earn you direct payouts. Commissions are paid to you for your referrals, and the referrals of the seven other levels in your network, without you lifting a finger!

Becoming a Domain Cost Club affiliate is truly an unlimited income business opportunity. As an affiliate, you truly have the opportunity to earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars of extra spending cash, to upwards of six figures, if your network is completely active.

Learn in more detail about the affiliate program and potential earnings in this easy to follow 5 minute video.

So, Why Should I Join?

We’ll give you five great reasons:

  1. Wholesale prices on new domain purchases, renewals, and transfers to Domain Cost Club
  2. Endless warehouse of newly added domain extensions
  3. Easy to use and effective
  4. Incredible way to earn a second income
  5. Potential for large future payouts on valuable domain names


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