Domain Cost Club

First 5 Things To Do After Joining DCC

So, you’ve taken the plunge and completed your membership with Domain Cost Club…now what? The following list will help you hit the ground running and ensure you have a successful relationship with DCC.

1. Take a look around Domain Cost Club:

Once you have secured your spot in Domain Cost Club with your membership purchase, we suggest you click around in your member’s area at on the website to become familiar with your DCC account. Spend some time getting familiar with the features and your fellow members.

2. Search for a few new domains:

Check out how much you and your prospects can save on domains when asked! Our users save an average of $20 per domain. Maybe you’ll find a great domain you need right now, or you may need some time to think about domains you would like – in which case searching for domains can help with ideas.

Domain Cost Club Learning3. Learn everything you can about Domain Cost Club:

Head over to the affiliates page and watch our explanation of membership video a few times. Study the info on the Affiliates page and become an expert on the subject. Having expert knowledge on a subject matter makes it a lot easier to explain the valuable benefits of being a Domain Cost Club Member to someone else!

4. Purchase a domain:

Find something that suits you! With over 175 Top Level Domain extensions available at Domain Cost Club, there is definitely something for EVERYONE! People new to domain names may not initially know what they want, that’s why we suggest you search for some domains immediately after purchasing your membership.

5. Start Marketing:

Share your knowledge of Domain Cost Club with anyone you know looking to save money on domains and/or earn secondary income by sharing the DCC opportunity. You can use the sharing tool found on the Dashboard page in your member’s area to share via email or various social networks. Club Members can always refer prospects to in order to get credit for their referrals. Be sure to pass on this info to all of your signups so they can get off to a great start with Domain Cost Club, just like you!

There is vast opportunity to grow your DCC membership into a thriving income stream, if you take the correct preliminary steps. Whether you’re a seasoned salesman, or a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, use the resources we’ve made available at your disposal to help yourself. Remember to stay focused, keep learning, and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.


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